I have been working in conservation and in the ecological aspects of Environmental Impact Assessment under the name of Ardeola Environmental Services since 1994, with projects including macrophyte surveys of rivers and standing waters, NVC and other phytosociological vegetation surveys, as well as conservation and detailed ecological studies of individual species. On this website I describe my work, the services that I offer and some of the research projects that I am involved in.
Richard Lansdown, 2016
I can provide a wide range of surveys, from phytosociological assessment such as NVC and detailed conservation assessment of rare species, to Phase I Habitat Survey and all methods for botanical surveys of wetlands
A portfolio of thousands of images of wetland-dependent plants, including vascular plants, bryophytes, lichens and macro-algae
Identification and training
As well as providing training in the identification of aquatic plants, I can provide bespoke training courses tailored to specific topics and needs
Research and conservation
I also provide data compilation and review, species conservation action plans, monitoring design and fieldwork, including habitat management, habitat restoration and (where relevant) re-introduction
Isoetes histrix Lagoa Funda, Portugal 2011