I started work as an ornithologist in 1979 studying the feeding habitats of wading birds on the Severn Estuary. I worked at a variety of UK Bird Observatories and as a technical assistant at the Station Biologique de la Tour du Valat in the Camargue, France before moving to specialise in the ecology and conservation of herons in Asia in 1987. In 1991 I obtained an MSc in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and have since worked as a botanist and ecologist throughout much of the world.
Since 1994, I have been self-employed working under the auspices of Ardeola Environmental Services. I am joint county bryophyte recorder for Gloucestershire for the British Bryological Society; and general aquatics referee and taxon-specific referee for Callitriche, Sparganium, Zannichellia and Ranunculus subgenus Batrachium for the Botanical Society of the British Isles. I serve on the Scientific Committees of the Conservatoire National Botanique de Brest and the Parc Naturel Regional de la Brenne, as well as the IUCN freshwater Sub-committee, am an Honorary Research Associate (Visiting) at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and a Research Associate at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust.
Since becoming self-employed, I have done four main types of work:
  • Taxon-specific work using including characterisation of the ecology of species for conservation purposes. These projects have included studies of Alisma gramineum, Atrichum angustatum, Damasonium alisma, Potamogeton acutifolius, Rhynchostegium rotundifolium and Schoenoplectus triqueter for Natural England under the Species Recovery Programme; Luronium natans under the LIFE in UK Rivers programme and for the Parc Naturel Regional de la Brenne; survey and recording of Ranunculus tripartitus for CCW as well as survey of a range of species including Pilularia globulifera, Ranunculus tripartitus and Tolypella intricata for Plantlife.
  • Application of standardised survey techniques such as Common Bird Census (CBC), River Habitat Survey (RHS), River Corridor Survey (RCS), LEAFPACS river and lake surveys, Macrophyte Survey, MTR, Phase I and Phase II habitat survey and National Vegetation Classification (NVC), Survey of the Bryophytes of Arable Land (SBAL), as well as Site Condition Monitoring of standing and flowing waters and non-standardised surveys of fungi and bryophytes.
  • Ecological surveys for Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Red List assessments for IUCN.
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Starfruit (Damasonium alisma), Surrey, 2014