Macrophytes and wetland plants
The main core of my work over the last 20 years has involved standard river and lake survey methods such as LEAFPACS and JNCC Macrophyte Survey
Vegetation surveys
In addition to standardised methods such as Phase I and NVC, I use phytosocilogical methods to collect data to inform studies of the plants of ephemeral wetlands
I have carried out a range of bryophyte surveys, from documenting or monitoring the bryophyte flora of rivers, through comprehensive grassland and woodland surveys to studies of individual species, including thatch moss and petalwort
Most of my work involves plant surveys, ranging from the standardised survey methods used to obtain the data needed to report to Europe on the condition of Britains standing and flowing waters, through traditional phytosociological survey methods such as the National Vegetation Classification, to development and testing of novel survey methods designed to provide answers to particular conservation or habitat management questions
Other surveys
In addition to botanical surveys, I have experience of surveys of a range of other taxa, including assessment of the conservation condition of a site for fungi